200x2 Series Doublewide Carders

200x2 Series Doublewide Carders

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**Due to supply chain delays, we are expecting a two week lead time on all carder orders. Thank you for your patience and understanding!**

For those who need a larger production size machine, all three models of the 200 Series mid-range drum carders are available as doublewides. These models have drums twice as wide as their singlewide counterparts.

Other than size, the 200 Series doublewides have the identical features and benefits as the singlewide versions.

The 200x2 Series mid-range drum carders are the only series that comes with a choice of carding cloth for the large drum: fine, medium, and coarse.

  1. Model DC-205x2 with the 05 fine-128 tpi.cloth. Designed to handle ALL fibers including merino, llama, alpaca, cashmere, dog hair and other exotics.

For those with specialized carding needs, there are two coarser styles of card cloth available for the carding drum (the large drum). All cloth uses 3/8" long plated steel wire in a tough rubberized cloth backing. The price for either of these two carders is the same as the DC205x2:

  1. Model DC-203x2 with the 03 medium-98 tpi.cloth. Can be used successfully for coarse to middle range fiber such as Cheviot and Romney as well as adult mohair. Useful for long fibers such as Border Leicester to get a deep batt. NOT recommended for finer fibers.
  2. Model DC-202x2 with the 02 coarse-72 tpi.cloth. For very coarse fibers specifically for felting.

The 200 Series uses a smaller sprocket yielding a turning ratio of 4:1. Because of this the frame height is 4" and therefore this carder has to be at the edge of the work surface, allowing the crank to clear the table.

Also, due the frame height, a motorized version is NOT available. If you are planning in the future on having a motorized carder, consider the Finest. It can be upgraded at a later time.

Table clamps and Teasing Tool are available separately.

As with the singlewide, because of the four inch frame height, a motorized Series 200 doublewide is NOT available.