Burnishing Brush

Burnishing Brush

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Want a really thick batt? The Strauch Burnishing Brush is designed to push excess fiber between the pins of the drum on your carder. The wood base is FLAT which gives better control over the burnishing (or packing) action.

Coarse Brush

  • Ideal for packing sections of the carding drum
  • Pad Dimensions: 2" x 4"
  • 98 tpi

Fine Brush

  • Ideal for packing the entire drum
  • Pad Dimensions: 4" x 3"
  • 255 tpi

After you have carded as much fiber as the large drum will hold, lightly hold the Burnishing Brush on the fiber with light pressure while turning the drum. The Burnishing Brush will push the fiber down into the carder's pins allowing you to card additional fiber into your batt. This will give you a thicker, more densely packed batt.

Do not allow the brush to dig into the pins of the drum. You WILL damage the expensive carding cloth. You want to push on the fiber, NOT the drum